Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Christ Strengthens Me

This morning on my walk I thanked God for the mystery that he is unfolding in my business. One of my sales team is undertaking a new market due to God's direction and guidance and I could see his blessings upon this endeavor. This provides comfort to me.

As I looked out on the ocean, I could see how wide and deep God's love is, like the ocean. I dipped my house into the ocean of God's love and asked for his blessing on the renovation and sale of it. This provides strength and comfort to me.

Today I started 2 tasks that have been causing me angst and worry. They turned out not to be a problem after all and the people I had to deal with were not a problem. Christ gave me the strength and the blessing to make them easy. Thank you Lord.

I also prayed about a business relationship that I have been feeling intimidated over. And God told me to take my daily steps that are needed and allow him to work between us. I submit this relationship and this business venture to God's will and I allow him to make it what it will become.

Thank you Lord for all that your provided for me today and for all that you helped me to do! You are my king.

May it be to me as you have said. - Luke 1:38

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Faithful said...

This is my own comment to my entry. Today, I had to step back to this point and re-read and reapply this lesson. I am away from home and out of my routine and having trouble maintaining my spirit w/o my morning walk and blog talk. I am also being tested with troubles, not big ones, but they all feel big right now.

Lord please forgive me my impatience with others and give me strength to handle everything. Actually, I pray that you either lighten my load or carry it for me. I am so deleted and discouraged.. I know that I can do it through you, but I also know I cannot do it without you.

Jesus loves me. Amen