Monday, January 14, 2008

Focus on God

Today, I started out with a worry over a business relationship, one that has been bothering me a lot lately. God rebuked my questions on what I should do to handle this matter and said I must FOCUS my attention on him and he will handle the other.

Last night, I tried to start this blog.... I researched software to use, and sites to host on and ways to make money with my blog... not that I was going to start out with that.. but maybe for future reference. I wanted to set it up 'right' in the start, to have it look nice, as integrated into a web site, my mind was really on that 'future' money making endeavor. Well God please forgive me for losing focus on what was at hand. I am guilty as charged. Anyway the task became complicated and technical and not at all God-focused. Very complicated ! When what I really needed to do was to start writing. Well, I got frustrated and went to bed w/o writing a word. I thought I had good intentions, but I guess I let them get distracted and tainted. Forgive me lord.

This morning, I called and canceled the hosting account that I had paid for and started over, here at Man was this easy and very focused on my task of blogging about my walk to God ! Thank you, for being there for me. Within minutes I was up and writing and it feels great!

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