Monday, January 14, 2008

An Endurance Event

In our talk yesterday, he said that this is an endurance event. That I must prepare myself for the long haul... like an athlete in training.

What all could that mean?
  • Taking care of myself: Feeding my soul, with the good company of other Christians, family and good friends.
  • Taking care of my health - eating right, exercising, getting enough sleep
  • Seeking out ways that I can serve the lord and keeping my FOCUS on him, -this blog is my one step to that end.
  • Learning more of his word, I can't wait until my bible study resumes from the holiday break. - BTW, a great book we are using, 'Having a Mary Spirit' , it ties right into this walk of mine.
  • Giving up worry, busyness and FOCUSING on God.
  • Memorize scripture verses to help sustain me.

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