Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Stumbling Block - Faith

I could never answer the question -' Why should I have faith in some unseen, unproven thing !?' and most of the time I didn't need to answer it. Most of the time my faith was just there, I had enough to get me through what I needed it to get me through... But in recent years, after prolonged struggles, my faith began to waiver somewhat. I thought perhaps I had been abandoned or God just wasn't there for me anymore, or maybe there was no personal God watching out for any of us.

But in my recent renewal of faith, I am coming closer to answering that question, at least for myself. And when I read from the Old Testament and see how difficult it was to gain salvation. There was a time when God's tolerance of our sins wore out and he wiped things out. There also seems to be a lot of complicated instructions that come from God, that would have been very difficult to complete. So now, in that light, putting my trust in Jesus Christ and knowing that I will have forgiveness for my mistakes, seems extremely easy and I am very grateful for it ! What a great love he must have for us to give us this great gift !

So where faith had been a stumbling block for me in the past, now that I have been broken down to absolutely needing his help in my life, and reading from the Old Testatment, what it was like w/o that redemptive powers... Faith is not my stumbling block any more. I am very thankful for Jesus Christ for taking the punisment for my sins and I give my life to him - my Lord and Savior. May he take the throne of my heart and make me the kind of person he wants me to be.

If you are looking for me, you will find me on they way... not in the way - Romans 9:33

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